Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Today is our 3 year, 1 month anniversary of waiting for ladybug. My plans to reveal our ladybug's beautiful room were foiled with the weather being so gloomy and dark today. There's also a rumor that the referrals are completely stopped because of the swine flu problems. That makes me sad. Instead of being down, I've spent time in the nook working on a few layouts.

Both were from the Cocoa Daisy prompts, which they post daily. I have enjoyed working on them and I get excited about checking them every day.

They also had a spring crop this past weekend with lots of fun challenges and prizes. I worked all weekend but participated as much as I could. Can you find me?

Monday, April 27, 2009

My newest addiction

Remember the Gilmore Girls obsession around this time last year? It's been replaced with this! Loving it!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Antiquing Around

We stopped at one of the local antique stores to kill some time and I fell in love with this pink girly chandelier! I've secretly been dreaming of a small crystal infused light fixture for my scrapbook nook, and imagine my surprise when I saw this one!

Some other random things that caught my eye:

It was fun browsing but nothing went home with us today. Maybe next time!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Weekend! and a RAK

It's been a busy week with work for both of us. Plus, we're also getting ready for our annual garage sale with Mom and Dad. In looking back, we've been all getting together in New Boston with boxes in tow since the college years. Mom, always puts a cute ad in the newspaper that says "Daughters Home from College Sale" or "Me and My Girls Garage Sale." We have two more weeks before this years sale! I have completely destroyed my Scrapbook Nook going through all my stuffs...we're putting scrapbook goodies in this years ad since I'm planning to share some of my stash for dirt cheap!

I should also mention 'The Rule' which was Nikki's idea. The first garage sale we had, some of us saw something for sale that had been a gift given by another in the family. Well, The Rule was enacted that states you can't have hurt feelings if you see something for sale that you gifted. We talk and tease about it when we see it happen though!

After cleaning out the nook, here's some of the scrap stash that I'll be selling. I'd love to share something with you as a little RAK. Leave a comment on this post and I'll have Thomas pick a random winner on Friday, May 1. You can choose the item of your choice and I'll mail it right out to you for your enjoyment!

Here's a layout from '04 from one of our previous garage sales. We were in the money that year! I hope this years will be as well, we're all three going to redecorate our bathrooms with the profits.

I'm off to enjoy the rest of my day off with a haircut and then I'm meeting Thomas for an early dinner and movie. We're going to see Fast and Furious!


p.s. to Mom -- RAK = Random act of Kindness

Monday, April 20, 2009

My Day

As I was driving to work today I gave myself a pep talk and said, "Today is going to be a great day!" Guess what? It was a great day:

* Chatted on my way to work with Mom and Nikki on Blackberry Messenger (we love this!) wishing them a great Monday.

* Had lunch with an old friend that I used to work with while going to college. Maybe I should fix Nikki up with him, hmmm.

* Saw so many pretty roses blooming on my rose bushes.

* Thomas cooked supper for us tonight. yummy tostadas.

* Caught a snail on Animal Crossing!

* Finished this scrapbook page from my birthday pictures.

Yes, it was a great day! Was yours?

Going to try this pep talk stuff tomorrow too!~


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Waiting for Ladybug Update

Baby referrals have been given for log in dates through March 8, and since our log in date is March 29 we are 21 days away! I could actually take out those weekend days and say that we're only 15 days away!

We were given the email addresses for the other families with our log in date (we'll be traveling together) and it's been nice to talk and share some of the same anxiousness and frustration about waiting. That's been one of the fun parts about getting closer...along with getting Ladybug's room all ready. Yay!

One of the stressful parts about getting closer is worrying about the plane ride and being in another country. I've only been to Mexico and that didn't get me a little stamp in my passport. Thomas has been reading this little book China Survival Guide: How to Avoid Travel Troubles and Mortifying Mishaps and I've been making endless lists.

We've honestly also been worried about the money. The time we've been waiting has allowed us to save money but we've also incurred additional expenses with having to do paperwork repeatedly. We stayed up until the wee hours of the night filling out a grant application a few nights ago. Our chances are slim. They give grants twice a year and their site stated they had 125 applications for their last due date and only gave 8 families money with significant financial obstacles. We're praying and even if this grant doesn't come through, we will find a way.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Project 365 or bust

The project that I started out as gangbusters at the beginning of the year has lost some steam. A few weeks ago I was only missing a few pictures and some journaling, and my plan was to just fill in and "fake it." Sshhhh. Unfortunately, now I'm so far behind that I'm not sure I'll ever catch up! I'm still taking pictures, yet they don't ever make it off my memory card. I also keep a little scratch paper to make scribble notes about each day, but they also haven't made it onto the journal cards.

I worked a 12 hour day yesterday, sigh. I think I left the house at 5:30 am and finally got home around 8:00 after stopping for dinner at Chik-fil-a. (Did you hear about their tax relief special?!) Thomas didn't get home from his work event until almost midnight so I didn't even see him all day. Work sure does interfere with our Wii time and my scrapping!

Here's a couple more pictures from this past week.

Princess Bella loves to watch the two little dogs next door.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I couldn't get myself to sleep last night...and if I can't sleep, that means Thomas doesn't get to either.

Me: Ugh, I can't sleep.

Thomas: *mumbles* Just count sheep and you'll fall asleep.

Me: I don't like sheep, I'm not counting sheep.

Thomas: Then count scrapbook embellishments.

Me: *perks up* How do you know what an embellishment is?

Thomas: ZZZzzzzz

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hippity Hoppity

I woke up this morning and found that the Easter Bunny had visited us! He left peeps and chocolate goodies for everyone in coffee filter baskets, genius! Yummy too~

We're fixing a nice lunch and enjoying some togetherness time. I've loved them being here...I think this is the first Easter we've all been together in quite a few years.

Silly Thomas~

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Weekend

The weather isn't so cheerful for Easter weekend, but these delightful little cookies are.

My parents are here visiting with us for the second time this week, a completely spur of the moment decision made after I commented about our backyard fence being almost blown over. The guys will be outside working and rebuilding the fence (if the rain holds off) and the girls are going shopping. Sadly, I'll be working, but it's been nice being all together!

Happy Easter,

Thursday, April 9, 2009

New favorite things

Found this little candy dish at Off the Page, a Harry and David catalog clearance store, and promptly filled it with jelly beans for Easter.

Love this fabric basket by Colonial Mills. It's full of all my mini scrapbook albums that didn't have a home.

Ohh, these little Wisps are great to throw in your purse. Mini disposable toothbrushes! Love using these on my commute to work!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Family Time

Today was such a wonderful day! Mom and Dad came down to Baylor in Dallas for Dad's cancer doctor visit and Nikki and I both took the day off for some family time. Dad received a glowing report from the doctor, and we are so very thankful. It made the day that much sweeter too!

Lunch was at Mi Cocina, one of Nikki's favorite places. We also got to meet the family that she works for and they are such a sweet family of all girls. The rest of the day was spent shopping and having ice cream, of course.

Although, I believe the ice cream was just a stall tactic so that our day together would last longer. <3

Monday, April 6, 2009

Daisy love

Everyone that knows me, knows that I love daisies.

I wanted to take all of these home with me.

Aren't they lovely? and cheerful?

They make me smile.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Sunday

I'm hijacking Deana's blog today to share a couple of dinner deals from TGIFridays. One of the perks of the job!

Just click, print and enjoy.

Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm lovin'

Spring and all the bluebonnets. They're everywhere right now, gorgeously growing along the sides of the highways and interstates. And yes, I picked one....couldn't help myself! Contrary to popular belief, it's actually not illegal.

Shortly after Thomas and I got married, we traveled to Ennis, Texas to visit the Bluebonnet Trails. This was one of my very first scrapbook pages that I ever made back in 1997!

Have a happy weekend! Hope you get out to enjoy the weather!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Flat Stanley visits Texas

Flat Stanley is the title character of a 1964 children's book by Jeff Brown. You can read about this book here.

The Flat Stanley Project provides an opportunity for students to make connections with students of other member schools who've signed up with the project. Students begin by reading the book and becoming acquainted with the story. Then they make paper "Flat Stanleys" and keep a journal for a few days, documenting the places and activities in which Flat Stanley is involved. The Flat Stanley and the journal are mailed to other people who are asked to treat the figure as a visiting guest and add to his journal, then return them both after a period of time.

My mom was asked to do this project for her niece's daughter, Korri who lives in Mississippi. These are the great pictures that she took. I just had to share them, doesn't she look cute?

Flat Stanley goes to work at the courthouse.

Flat Stanley hangs out at Mom's messy, er busy desk.

Flat Stanley visits the courtroom and watches Judge Miller in action.

Flat Stanley finally gets some playtime and travels to Texarkana to visit the state line between Arkansas and Texas.

Flat enjoys a fun movie. I bet he had popcorn too!

Flat also gets to enjoy a dipped cone! Lucky guy!