Thursday, February 26, 2009

Meet Alice

I didn't get off work early today but I did leave on time for once. Thomas met me at the Outback Steakhouse in Denton and we enjoyed my favorite Alice Springs Chicken. I thought everyone knew what that was, ha. It's their fabulous chicken with mushrooms, bacon and cheese. Good stuff!

After dinner, we headed back to the house. When I pulled into the garage, I noticed some little happies hanging by the door. Thomas really is a very thoughtful person, especially to me.

There were also some happies in the kitchen! AND some yummy cupcakes!

It's been a wonderful birthday! Throughout the day, my phone was burning it up with texts and emails full of warm wishes. It was fun receiving those, thanks everyone for making my day!


Happy Birthday to my lovely wife and best friend.
Hope you Birthday is awesome!!

I love you, Deana!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You're how old?

A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip. ~Author Unknown


I've been prancing around as the Birthday Girl since the weekend but tomorrow's finally the big day. I'm going to work tomorrow at 7 am in hopes that I can get off early ... Thomas is taking me to the Outback for dinner. It was my choice and Alice Springs has been wanting me to stop by.~

I always give my mom a gift on my birthday, it's been a tradition with us for many years. This year we were able to go shopping together for her little happy and that was very special. Enjoy it Mom, Happy Birthday!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just the girls


flip flops,

and pedicures.



and togetherness.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Night out

We met at the Buca di Beppo for my birthday dinner tonight. Thomas had reserved the famous table in the kitchen for us. We were able to watch them cook while we ate. Plus, they would stop by and show us all the entrees before they were delivered to other guests.

This was the view from our table. That's Chef Bob who barked orders to the other chefs all night.

Delicious family style food.

After dinner, they brought a candelabra and lots of red velvet cake. The best part was the waiters that came by to sing "Happy Birthday."

There were presents too...the first 3 seasons of Lost on DVD!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Anxiously waiting

It's finally the weekend! My parents are on their way up to spend the weekend with us for a birthday celebration. I just realized that since my actual birthday is Thursday, I'm going to get to celebrate all week long!

Happy Friday,

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You might be adopting from China if ... know that I-600 & I-171 aren't highways.'ve been expecting a baby for over 3 years. understand that it's 2006 in some parts of the world.'ve "paid for" 3 citizenships, but never brought anyone into
the U.S. know that waiting for China has nothing to do with Dillards or

...your homestudy is followed by a number (i.e. #3 or #4) never know how many days next month will have know that babies come in batches've been fingerprinted four times, but never committed a crime automatically assume everyone who is expecting is having a girl own new clothing in 3 little sizes for all 4 seasons (because
you don't know when or how big) look twice when you see a lady bug're more interested in what will happen in March 2006 than in
March 2009 know people who understand when you talk about 2 day months &
5 day months

...your due date hasn't changed by days, but by years know who the Rumor Queen is ... AND ... you don't know who she
is know that forecast doesn't have anything to do with the weather've waited so long, they re-checked your fingerprints to see if
they changed

...trying to understand why they're printing you again, you study
your own fingerprints and wonder if fingerprints grow wrinkles

...when you speak of "that time of month" you're talking about CCAA
updates & referrals

You might be adopting from China if you love someone you've never met
with all your heart.

by Margaret Leigh
LID 3-27-06

Monday, February 16, 2009

Not much to update

On the adoption front, there's not much to update except that we're still waiting. I noticed that they have sent referrals (baby information and picture) to all families with a log in date through March 2, 2006. Our log in date is March 29, 2006. It seems like they take 2 months to just complete a few days, so we're still hopeful that this is going to be our year.

We received word today from our case worker that we didn't finish all of the required adoption training! Wait?! What? Remember a few months ago when I did the happy dance after watching all those hours of videos? Evidently, we missed two of them. Luckily, Thomas found the email confirmation for one of the classes, so we just have one more to do.

Our fingerprints expire in June...we've already had them done twice. I really don't want to have to go through that all over again. Not fun. OK that's enough grump bunny for today.

We're still working on the baby room and I recently found an awesome painting for the wall. When I saw it, I had to have it. It's by Laura Hescock who has a style that is perfect for a girly room.
Check out her amazing work. I'll show you which one I chose when we do the big reveal!

Have a wonderful week! I'll be working all week, but I'm looking forward to spending the weekend with family for my birthday!

Friday, February 13, 2009

toy machine magic

I remember being quite young, maybe 8 or 9, and going to the store with Dad. We were picking up something quick and intended to just run in and out. Dad said, "Don't bother bringing your allowance, you don't need to buy anything today." I didn't listen and instead snuck some coins from my allowance and hid them in my pocket.

When we arrived at the store, I remember telling Dad that I would just wait for him in the lobby area. All of those gumball and toy machines were too great of a temptation for me. I gave in and popped a quarter into one to get my hands on that little plastic ball. After taking the little toy out of the package, I freaked out knowing that I was going to be in trouble for spending my money. I slipped the toy into my pocket to hide and carried just the empty plastic ball.

When Dad finished his shopping, he inquired about where it came from. I lied saying, "I found it." How he knew the truth and that I had actually bought it, I have no idea. When we arrived at home....I was in some big, big trouble...mainly for lying instead of spending a few coins.

Fast forward 30 years, those little gumball and toy machines still catch my eye when I pass by. Whenever Nikki and I are together, I coerce her into popping in those coins too. The stickers were always one of our favorites. Last night, Thomas and I met after work for dinner at Fuddrucker's. After we ate our hamburger dinner, we walked out to leave and what did I see in the lobby? Toy machines! Thomas just laughed and immediately reached into his pocket, holding his hand out for me to pick out those two quarters. I studied all the machines for a few minutes and decided on this one.

Silly teeth!

Hope you have some silly fun this weekend too.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Work, work, work

Work is busy this week, more ten, eleven, and even twelve hour, working ten days straight! I'm tired and stressed, just trying to hang on for a few more days.

Enjoy pictures of Princess Bella. She is a delightful little furbaby!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Today's photo

I've always called myself an avid reader. These are all the books that are currently stacked on my night stand. When I was younger, I would only read one book at a time. As I've gotten older, I began reading books in pairs. One book would typically be fiction and the other an autobiography or self help, but never two fiction books. I read before going to sleep every night. Now I may only read one chapter, but I always take a few minutes to read something. My current pair is the paperback book, Quicksand and Tori Spelling's autobiography.

I also have a bookstore gift card burning a hole in my pocket! Maybe I'll spend that this weekend...

Enjoy yours,

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


* I worked an overnight shift last night, 5 pm until 6:45 am, without taking a nap yesterday beforehand.

* I cooked dinner for Thomas tonight, first time in probably 6 months that didn't involve just reheating. (Grilled chicken and penne pasta)

* Sold two things on eBay today and made enough to buy the February Cocoa Daisy scrapbooking kit.

* Every time that I go shopping at Costco, I buy the $1.45 raspberry smoothie from their little deli. Every time.

Monday, February 2, 2009

My photo of the day

Bella was hiding in the side table in our living room today. There's actually a secret printer hidden inside and she somehow made her way in and was snuggled up in the back behind the printer. Thomas had pulled out his tools to fix the latch so she wouldn't be able to sneak inside anymore when I snapped his photo.

Now I just need to convince him to work on the bathroom sink, the backyard fence, get the idea.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

What's in the box?

I still have not been able to pluck that wild hair about getting another kitty. We spent yesterday morning looking online at cats available at the shelters in our area and the Petsmart (also non profit adoptions) stores. At our first stop, we met an adorable 6 month old kitten named Roxanne. She was mischievous and loved her toys and being held. I was all ready to take her home with me! We spent a half hour filling out an adoption application and then they wanted references. How do you show a reference on a Saturday when your vet is closed? Are the photos filling up both of our cell phones, not enough? Me getting teary eyed while retelling the store of KittyBitty and her feeding tube, not enough? This company, Texas CARES, refused to allow us to adopt her. Never mind that we had our $100 bucks in our hand! I'm just dumbfounded, that they would even think we wouldn't make great kitty parents. Plus, they had about ten cats there needing homes. I took my application back, tore it up right there, and we walked out.

Our next stop was the Plano Animal Shelter where we had seen 20 month old Bella. What attracted me the most about Bella was her tortoiseshell coat, but if you look close she has orange tabby around one eye. Certainly wasn't the prettiest cat there, but with a strong, passionate name and playful, inquisitive spirit she won our heart.

Bella rode in the box very nicely all the way home. When we got home, we introduced her and she hasn't stopped exploring. She's doing well, eating and I can tell she likes it here. She did sleep on the foot of our bed last night but right now she is taking a nap on the chair. We sat her box on the stairs and so far it has deterred her from going up. But I know she'll make her way up there very soon for more exploring. Oh, and she loves looking out the window. I'm not sure she likes the camera yet, but she'll have to get used to it!