Sunday, January 29, 2012

Valentine Blog Hop

I know it's been forever since you've seen a scrapbook page from me.

I still have pictures laying around of the pumpkin patch from 2010, yikes! That's petty much when I temporarily set the scrappy supplies aside which is also when Buggy starting really becoming mobile. She won't let me sit still for too long!

But I did manage to sneak into the nook to quickly create this with last year's Valentine photo.

I used the following Stampin'Up! goodies:

*Everyday Enchantment designer paper (available for free during Sale-a-bration!)
*Cardstock in Poppy Parade and Crumb Cake
*Heart and Decorative Label punches
*Smooch spritz
*Paper Daisies
*Fashionable Hearts Embosslits Die

It's a great time to shop with Stampin'Up! during Sale-a-bration now through March 31!

You receive a free item from the Sale-a-bration catalog with every $50 purchase!


Welcome to our Valentine’s Day Blog Hop. You are invited to hop from blog to blog and check out our fabulous Valentines ideas and leave a comment on each blog.

At the end of the Blog Hop – Feb 14, Valentine’s Day – I will be picking a random name from the comments list to win a FANTASTIC Craft Pack with ink pad, Design Series Paper, Card Stock and a card sketch, all from Stampin’ Up!

If we reach 50 comments, I will be throwing in a FREE Stamp Set!!!

This is how it works… you click on a link, check out the blog page and leave a comment about the project in that page. Once you have clicked all links and left a comment on each page, you are automatically entered to win a Stampin’ Up! Craft Pack.

It’s easy! All you have to do is have fun and get inspired by a bunch of talented crafters who are willing to share their projects so your Valentine’s Day is even more awesome!! – because you need to enter your e-mail to leave a comment, we know where to find you in case you are the winner…

So, get comfortable, and come take a peek at these incredible ideas for Valentine’s Day crafts – we hope you get Inspired – and have a lot of fun!!

Let’s Get Hoppin’ !!









Thursday, January 26, 2012

Family Day

We celebrated Family Day yesterday with our now traditional Chinese dinner at PF Chang's and a little happy gift from China. If you remember, we brought home 18 little gifts of love from China to share with Ladybug every year on Family Day. T and I enjoyed digging through the box to pick out this year's gift which was a little China doll.

It's now been two years and we still feel so blessed to have this precious little girl as our own!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

At 35 Months

It's just not possible that she is one month shy of 3 years old! Say it isn't so.

* Her sentences are now crazy long and whenever she says a long sentence we just look at her astounded at the amount of words she's throwing around.

* The last two weeks we have not heard one "no way." Perhaps she's finally learned to slow down and say exactly what she needs instead of becoming upset that some thing's not going her way. This is a big win, we have worked really hard on this.

* Buggy's walking up and down the stairs again. Coco said it was the new shoes. Hehe

* Can you say growing? It's almost like it happened over night. That girl has finally gained some weight and will be in a 3T for the new spring season.

* We still aren't working very hard on potty training. We talk about it, but we're just not training with a vengeance. I felt better about it after seeing the other China dolls at Chinese New Year were also not potty trained yet.

* Bug's weighing in at 29 pounds, 35.75" tall, size 4 diapers, and size 6 shoes.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Luckily Long Overdue

Bug has not been sick at all since we've had her (almost) two years ago. Seriously, not even hardly a sniffle on this girl. Praise God. We have been long overdue for something and those germs finally snuck their way in. After a visit to the doctor today, we found out she has pink eye.

We had looked up pink eye online but seriously didn't think that was it. I am very thankful we got some meds to get this knocked out. She is taking those eye drops like a pro, but she isn't eating much. She sat at the dinner table tonight without any squirming and just looked at her plate, only taking one bite.

We then watched a little Barney and she was ready to go to bed.

I've noticed her carrying this little doll blanket around but didn't make the connection until recently. That's exactly how Baby Bop holds her blanket in the show! So cute!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Disney Delay

We have the Disney jar all set up and we're filling it with money and change. The plan was to go in September...but now it appears to be getting pushed to 2013. I'm not very happy about it....hey, this trip was for ME!

Various reasons: her age, riding the rides, being timid of characters, and the list goes on.

Does this girl not look like she's ready to ride some Disney rides?

I certainly think so....

p.s. She was also very happy to see her Daddy today.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Mini Vacay~

I love how she has a cookie in one hand and the Elmo balloon in the other! She's been obsessed with the fact that her yellow balloon popped yesterday. It's all she's been talking about, so we had to find another.

Oh, and be sure to take note of those new shoes. I was reprimanded by the teacher on Tuesday when I picked her up from school. Evidently, she took her shoes off again and refused to wear them. Uh, these were different shoes from the other night. All of her shoes are too small, how does this happen so fast!?! The nice lady at the store measured her and I could NOT believe she was right at a 6...that means she's not going to be in those new 6's very long!

Coco and Lori drove Bug and I to meet the Grands in Sulpher Springs on Wednesday so we had a nice lunch and visited for a little while before heading to New Boston. I'm not feeling well enough to drive that long distance with just us...but that's another very long story. Notice the hand holding...we have to sing Barney on cue complete with hugs and kisses.

T's picking us up on Saturday! We have done a lot of visiting and shopping, mostly for Buggy's birthday party coming up. Oh, and we made cupcakes. Yummy, yummy cupcakes!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Chinese New Year Party

The Chinese New Year is on January 23 this year but we celebrated a little early tonight with friends from Gladney. We enjoyed some art projects, dancing, and a Chinese food dinner. All three of the girls are just exactly the same size and sooooo cute together. After the party was wrapping up, they ran all over playing Ring Around the Rosie or just running around in circles!

We tried so hard to get a group photo, but Buggy decided that was the time to show that she's still 2 and had a little tantrum while refusing to be in the photo.

The girls from left to right: Abby, Marissa, Journey and Emily (new friend that jumped into our photo.)

(Bug's feet were hurting and she decided to take her shoes off, Evidently, her mother needs to buy her new and bigger shoes.)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sit 'n Spin

And because just one silly video is not enough, check out these two. Buggy learns to ride the Sit 'n Spin very quickly! Mimi is great at picking out presents, she loves it!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

What you didn't see...

was Buggy kicking those legs out landing right on her tiny little butt into that pile of leaves!

While still smiling and laughing too!

This is what I came home to tonight. Love these two!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Year in Review

As great as 2011 was, I can definitely see 2012 as being even better! Probably because it's an even numbered year...we always have exciting things happen in even numbers.

What could possibly be in store for us in 2012?

We shall see....

...stay tuned.