Saturday, January 14, 2012

Chinese New Year Party

The Chinese New Year is on January 23 this year but we celebrated a little early tonight with friends from Gladney. We enjoyed some art projects, dancing, and a Chinese food dinner. All three of the girls are just exactly the same size and sooooo cute together. After the party was wrapping up, they ran all over playing Ring Around the Rosie or just running around in circles!

We tried so hard to get a group photo, but Buggy decided that was the time to show that she's still 2 and had a little tantrum while refusing to be in the photo.

The girls from left to right: Abby, Marissa, Journey and Emily (new friend that jumped into our photo.)

(Bug's feet were hurting and she decided to take her shoes off, Evidently, her mother needs to buy her new and bigger shoes.)


Mom said...

Adorable little girls. Love how they are holding hands and playing ring around the rosey. Precious.

Nanou said...

They are pretty the little princesses of China!

Texas Howdy said...

Love that they celebrated their holiday together. It is so great that you both are having Marissa keep up her culture. Love that girl! Mimi