Friday, January 20, 2012

Mini Vacay~

I love how she has a cookie in one hand and the Elmo balloon in the other! She's been obsessed with the fact that her yellow balloon popped yesterday. It's all she's been talking about, so we had to find another.

Oh, and be sure to take note of those new shoes. I was reprimanded by the teacher on Tuesday when I picked her up from school. Evidently, she took her shoes off again and refused to wear them. Uh, these were different shoes from the other night. All of her shoes are too small, how does this happen so fast!?! The nice lady at the store measured her and I could NOT believe she was right at a 6...that means she's not going to be in those new 6's very long!

Coco and Lori drove Bug and I to meet the Grands in Sulpher Springs on Wednesday so we had a nice lunch and visited for a little while before heading to New Boston. I'm not feeling well enough to drive that long distance with just us...but that's another very long story. Notice the hand holding...we have to sing Barney on cue complete with hugs and kisses.

T's picking us up on Saturday! We have done a lot of visiting and shopping, mostly for Buggy's birthday party coming up. Oh, and we made cupcakes. Yummy, yummy cupcakes!


Nanou Mimosa said...

She is too cute, she has a cute little face that makes you want to make him a huge kiss.

Mom said...

Wonderful memories were made this week with our little Bug.

Anonymous said...

We enjoyed your little stay with us so much!