Sunday, April 29, 2012

And the Winner is:

Helen Gullett 
You are the winner of our April Summer Smooches Blog Hop!
Email me with your mailing address and I'll get your prize out to you right away.


Friday, April 27, 2012

At 3 years + 2 months

* "I need...I need..." is all we hear all day long. We just look at her until she realizes it and then she'll say, "Ask nicely, may I have some water please?"

* She's chattering nonstop! Did we work so hard to teach her to talk, only to never have a quiet moment?

* Bug's learning and understanding about feelings. She talks a lot about scary, hurting, happy, and sad. She's very attune to others' feelings.

* We're noticing more roleplaying: cooking in her kitchen, feeding her baby, and driving her imaginary car complete with seatbelt.

* She loves "school" and is always ready to go on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

* Bug doesn't want to wear sandals as of late and she doesn't want to go barefoot either. She has to have those socks.

* She's saying her sweet little prayers by herself. We understand all most of them.

* Weighs 29 pounds, size 3T and we're doing all pullup diapers now....even though we're still not using the potty at all.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

At the Playground

I didn't forget the chair's coming.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Frog Frenzy~

I finally had a day off today, it has been a tough work week. I knew I was going to spend it cleaning and organizing. (The donation truck comes on Wednesday!) There was still a little bit of excitement during my chore day.

I moved a kleenex box that was sitting on an end table to dust and noticed something inside.

Can you see it?

This little frog was a hot topic of conversation in our PingChat channel today. I thought it was a real critter...but Bug informed us real quick that it was her frog. I still wasn't sure whether it was real or a fake so I just left it in there. I'm not a big fan of bugs and critters.

T comes home later and sneaks the frog out of the kleenex box and perches it on the laptop.

Where I am sure to find it!

Well, she's not real .... but she looks awfully real. Silly frog.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Weekend

It's been a busy, busy weekend around here. I worked on Saturday, so T had a "Daddy Daughter Day" and took Ladybug to the Frank Buck Zoo in Gainesville.

He took a million pictures but this one was my favorite.

Today we went to church and out for lunch. I think Buggy didn't sleep very good last night because of the storms...when I went up to check on her this morning she popped right up and said, "I'm scared."

In spite of being tired and a little cranky she was extremely good in church today. I've been a little discouraged lately because she wants to keep on talking during the service. Before we went in today, we had a little chat and talked about whispering during church. Well, she did just that...only whispered and was almost so quiet I could barely make out what she was saying.

I need to google and find out what I should do for a 3 yr old during church. I see some mom's there who take their young ones and without any books or crayons or snacks. I feel like I need to bring a few things to keep her occupied...but perhaps I am not teaching her what church is about by doing that. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know.

I had high hopes that Coco would bring us a cupcake tonight. No cupcakes. So, we decided to just make our own!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April Blog Hop

Welcome to the Hoppers' Color Combo Blog Hop. You are invited to hop from blog to blog and check out our projects using the fabulous colors from the new Summer Smooches and leave a comment on each blog.

At the end of the Blog Hop – April 30 – I will pick a random name from all the blog comments to win our prize, a Crop-A-Dile! The winner will be announced on Monday, April 30th.

This is how a blog hop works… click on a name for each blog provided below to see the beautiful creations and leave a comment. Once you have clicked through all names and left a comment on each blog, you are automatically entered to win the Hoppers' Stampin’ Up! prize.

Relax, enjoy and get inspired by talented crafters who are willing to share their projects!!

Here's my project, it's a mailable card using the Summer Smooches products which are in limited release for the month of April only. You will see most of them again in the new Stampin'Up! catalog coming out June 1.

Be sure to check out the other ladies fabulous projects and leave a comment on each blog:

Elaine Uhl

Tina Davis

Sharon Jacobs-Fisher

Michelle Clarke

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Susan Carlson

Good luck and thanks for stopping by!


Monday, April 9, 2012

And the Winner is...

Margaret Stiles

Congratulations Margaret, you win the Stampin'Up! prize pack from our March Blog Hop! Sharon will be contacting you about your prize.

I know, I looks like I had something to do with picking the winner.

But I didn't. I'm just the messenger.

An excited messenger that she won!

Stay tuned tomorrow for our April Blog Hop and another prize to be given away!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

It's been a busy weekend and we got home very late last night, but we made it up this morning for church.

I'm a little disappointed that it rained all day and I didn't get a family picture of us. In fact, we weren't able to spend any time outside at all. Instead, eggs and candies were littered across the living room floor.

And I'm pretty sure Buggy had chocolate bunny and jelly beans for dinner.

While getting ready for church this morning, she watched me put on a necklace and then she asked if she could wear a necklace. I remembered that some long-time friends of ours, Mrs Helen and Mr Charles, gave Bug a little necklace a long time ago. I pulled it out of my jewelry box and she was delighted to wear it today.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Our Day

Just got done working a stretch of six days straight. I'm so tired and really wanted to just stay home and relax.

Instead, I decided that the laundry and other chores could wait. I was spending the day with my girl!

We had a full day planned too....pedicures and haircut, shopping and lunch...oh and we bought some paint. More details coming about our project. Here's a few cell phone pics from today: