Friday, June 25, 2010

5 months later

Ladybug's 16 months old today...and ours for 5 months.

The biggest achievement from this month to last is her crawling. She is crawling everywhere and non stop! Oh, and fast too! She loves crawling after Cricket. Umm, and one day when I wasn't watching she was halfway up the stairs. Yikes!

She's pulling up to stand on her own. She will crawl over to the couch, gate, or my leg and pull herself up. For her morning wake up call she'll be laying in her crib waiting. The second she sees me, she pulls herself up to the side of the crib. Always smiling and ready for a quick cuddle.

Ladybug can walk along the couch, table or wall...just as long as she's able to hold on to something. She's pretty good at turning around too.

New word for this month is Up. I really want to share that she can say Cricket, but when she says it, it sounds more like eye-kit. Perhaps because I always say, 'hi Cricket."

We've been blowing kisses. She's got the mmmuah with the hand over her mouth down pat. She can point to her nose and show you her pretty eyes.

She shakes her head no almost every time you ask her a question. Ha, where did she learn this?

Ladybug had her first sick bug this past month with a little fever, coughing, and lots of runny nose. I know we had been lucky so far that she has been so healthy.

Her new favorite foods are mexican and ice cream. Honestly she eats practically everything, and she lets you know when she's done too.

p.s. I love this month's chair picture and thought she really hadn't changed much since last month. But then I looked at those legs, those little, long legs. You can see last month's picture here.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our family in pictures

When we arrived home from China with Ladybug, I ached to have a real photography session for our new little family. Quite honestly, it wasn't going to happen after much searching because of the price involved. I mean, I took off work for 2 months and was not getting paid. Ouch.

But I did enter a little contest on Becky Higgins' blog. She had a Big Photography Giveaway back in May and many talented photographers all over the US donated their time and gift to share with others.

I feel so blessed that Dori Young picked us to win this wonderful prize! We met last Saturday very early in the morning...8 am...cough. We tried to beat the heat, let me say that it was a sweltering hot day. I'm not sure about T, but I was nervous...wanted everything to be perfect. Dori was so sweet and accommodating, really made us feel comfortable. We saw a preview of the photos today and they are fabulously perfect!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Why a Daughter Needs a Dad

There's over a hundred different reasons.

A daughter needs a dad
because without him she will have
less in her life than she deserves.

Love and hugs to G-dad, T, and Papa.

Happy Father's Day,

p.s. because it's another double dip! Happy Birthday to Nanny! Love you Mom!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Every day's a swim day

Marissa enjoying the morning with our little cousins, Abby, Annalee, and Luke. They're here for one more night and now we're trying to get everyone cleaned up and ready for a day of shopping!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Found this gem

T's camera had a few pictures from his weekend trip. I'm so happy they are back home!

Ladybug and A (Uncle Marshmallow's daughter) hanging out with Papa. They look like they are having such fun!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

and they're off...

T was up early this morning, taking Ladybug to Temple for the weekend...visiting the grands and attending a family reunion.

I'm working all weekend....and missing those two.

Missing them a lot.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

1 ounce = turning around

Ladybug went to her doctor yesterday for a quick checkup. She didn't want to see Dr E at all, but she quickly warmed up and started waving and showing off. I love it when she says yeah, yeah, yeah at just the right time! She officially measured in at 29" tall and 19 lbs 15 oz. We are sooo close to 20 pounds! We need that extra ounce so we can turn that car seat around!

We're still doing formula for a few more months. Pout. I was glad to see that she's finally actually on the Standard Growth Chart. She's been far below the last two visits, but she's finally moving up to the 8th %. It is a little disturbing to take a close look at the information and see that they have written under problems "Failure to thrive." Hrmph, in my opinion, she's thriving more and more every day!

Remember the cup training? I was supposed to work on spoon training back in April, but I wasn't ready. Wasn't ready for the mess. Wasn't ready to give up our special feeding time when she was still just a 2 month old baby, at least to me. I decided yesterday was the day that we would start working with the spoon. It wasn't too messy, but we've got a long way to go.

Did she really use to not be able to pick up cheerios? Perhaps the spoon will be learned more quickly! Take a peak:

p.s. Had my first pedi of the season and I'm Cha-Ching Cherry delighted to have had some pampering!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oh baby!

It's time to bring out the baby gate. Ladybug has crawled around the living room like a rockstar! I am so excited that she's finally going forward...I never thought it would happen and one day last week it just DID.



Proud Mama.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Purple vs Pink

When did everything around me start to turn pink and purple? Was it when we were readying for our China doll's arrival? Or has it begun to slowly creep in as our new family life with her has progressed? My guess is both, but I never really took notice until I read my fortune cookie last week. Everything is not only purple but pink too! I even somehow managed to perhaps not knowingly purchase a purple shirt that went into T's closet. In hindsight I'm not so sure he was happy about it, but I did catch him wearing it to work one day.

Here's a few of my favorites from this week: Daddy and daughter both wearing purple, lots of pink and purple toys, and a cute pink swimsuit.

And because this is too cute not to share, a short video from the slide. No, we didn't let her slide down...just perched her up there from the pool. She loved it! See for yourself:

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ladybug meets a celebrity

The Hot Pocket frightened her a little bit, but she still wanted to touch him.

Nanny and G-dad came up for the weekend and we are having fun.

More soon,

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We all scream, for ice cream

We've been in the house all day today. I'm pretty sure she's saying to T, "It's not going to rain, let's go outside!" I know this because I was ready to go somewhere too! So, that's exactly what we did.

We drove up to Pilot Point and had dinner at the Dairy Queen.

Guess who finally likes the cold ice cream?

That's my girl.~