Sunday, May 29, 2011

Zoo Day

We spent our day at the Fort Worth Zoo today...with lots of sunscreen. I think the animals were even more hot than we were, most of them stayed in the shade.

I took some pictures of the animals, but decided we'd all just rather look at this cute little Bug instead.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

At 27 months

* Bug's now calling us Mommy and Daddy. I'm not sure how or why the transition from Mama and Dada ocurred, but I like it. When the Grands came to visit, she changed their names to Nanny and Dad-G (instead of G-Dad.)

* She's learned numbers 1 through 10 and is counting. She loves to practice on her toes or with the contents of my makeup bag.

* Her new favorite show is Blue's Clues...she's fascinated by Steve carrying on a conversation with her. We also hear the word notebook quite often.

* The language and multiple words continue to flourish. She's using her words to tell us what she wants now. She will also look for us while shouting our sounds like "Dadeeeee."

* I'm seeing a lot of roleplaying in her playtime. Feeding and putting her baby doll down for a nap, pouring tea and "drinking" from her teacup, and sitting with her dolls at the little table sharing play food.

* She's an expert on the i-pad from turning it on and navigating to her games. I'm amazed at how quickly she learns to play and at how it's helping her learn. Our current favorite aps are Kids Animal Match Up and Toddler Toy Factory.

* Her love of the water continues this summer! She has little fear and the other day I watched her wade out from the kiddy area until the water reached her chin...yikes.

* Bug's height and weight haven't changed since last month but she's finally starting to lose that little tummy pudge. Wearing size 3 diapers...leftover size 2 swimmers and size 4.5 shoes. Clothes are still a mixture of 18-24 months.

* Her hair is long enough for a single pony tail!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yard Work

The little mower blows bubbles when you push it around, but she decided to pull out the bottle and dump it on the ground instead. Note to self, install the bubble bottle when she's not around.~

And how does that cat manage to get in the background of almost every picture I take?

Happy Weekend,

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Do you like cookies with your sprinkles?

The Grands came up for a few days to celebrate Coco's birthday and Mother's Day...we are just a week behind on the festivities. We've definitely made up for it with lots of outside fun and a swim in the pool.

Today was baking cookies with Nana and using sprinkles. Lots and lots of entire bottle of sprinkles! Yay!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just a little trim

Do you remember before Christmas when I trimmed Bug's hair? Cutting hair is easy for me and I wasn't nervous giving her a little trim. But I was upset afterward because I felt like I had trimmed too much and it was already taking forever for her to grow some hair.

After that day, I vowed not to trim it again....until it was down to her shoulders. It finally made it that far and I decided that a professional needed to tackle the job this time.

The last time that I had my hair cut, I witnessed a mom having to hold her son's head while he wailed and cried during his haircut. I was mentally prepared for this to happen with Buggy and I but I was pleasantly surprised when she jumped up in the chair and didn't even wince. She did great!

That's my girl, looking all grown up, getting just a little trim.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bugs are Really Swell

and fascinating too...

She loves the cute song on Jack's Big Music Show where they say there's nothing to be scared of, because bugs are really swell.

Cookout at the park on Sunday and we could hardly keep up with those two 2 year olds!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

First Swim of the Season

Love, love, love the cute ladybug swimsuit that Bug received for her birthday!

It was a little overcast but we stayed until it began to sprinkle.

The water was a little chilly too, but okay once we were all the way in.

p.s. I'm glad I got to take her for her first swim.

Coco's Birthday

It's today! Happy 38th!

One of my gifts to her was a mini photo shoot...she needed a new headshot for her future cakeball blog. Here's to hoping I get to share it with you soon!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Dinner with Chuck

Chuck E. Cheese that is! She was a little scared of him at first....after she saw me give him a high five she wanted to do her own. We were dancing in front of the blue screen! I had to get her warmed up and she was good to go on her own. The games were also fun and she caught on fast.

When Chuck came out to dance with all the kids, she went right over and joined them dancing to her own little jig.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sneaky Surprises

We got up real early this morning and drove down to Temple to surprise Mimi for Mother's Day. Our plan was foiled when we parked nearby and walked down the street to the house just as they were driving up!

Happy Mother's Day! I told one of my friends today that I didn't feel like a newbie mom this year.~

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Runway

Buggy participated in a little fashion show recently. All the little girls were just adorable!

I love how she's looking back at her dada...a little unsure of what was going on.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Potty 101

I've been reading about all the potty training signs and I think I'm ready for her to be ready. On the other hand, I kind of want to keep her in diapers because she's still my baby and our family age is only 14 months.

I also have to keep reminding myself that she was so far behind when we brought her home. She couldn't hold her head up for long periods of time and she didn't sit up very well either. Walking began around 19 months. She still doesn't eat completely by herself with the fork at every meal.

Oh, and then I hear about all the other babies her age that are doing soooo great on the potty. So, I get her ready by buying a few pair of cute toddler panties, that are really too big because her butt is so tiny, and a pink potty chair. It plays music people. ~ She loves to slam the back down and use it as a step stool to brush her teeth every day. But that's about all the action it gets.

I'm a mother, I want her to catch up and stay caught up. I want her to be an over-achiever. I just want her to pee on the potty one time!

I brought my concerns up to the doctor when we went for her 2 year old visit. He gave me a pretty hard core lecture to let it go and quit worrying about all the other babies and what they were doing on the potty. I said, "But some of these babies are China dolls and adopted at the same time." He assured me that it was okay and that every baby is different and to quit keeping tabs.

I'm trying....but quit keeping tabs? Hrmph, never.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Little Helper

I knew Bug enjoyed moving the laundry around, and now she's all over those dishes too. I grabbed the silverware tray out first to keep her from touching the knives. She proceeded to bring every plate and bowl over to me to put up. I was amazed at her elite skills...and she didn't break one piece.


I wouldn't mind having some new dishes...these have been around since we got married 15 years ago!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookie Throwdown

Bug and I spent all afternoon baking cookies together. By the second batch, we were rolling those cookie balls right along. She was the official taste tester and I heard quite a few nyom nyoms from her sweet little lips.

The cookies were packed up and taken to work for a throwdown tonight. Mine were "A" and I definitely thought they were the prettiest but evidently they weren't the tastiest! I lost the throwdown. *cry*

I'm going to demand a rematch!