Monday, May 2, 2011

Little Helper

I knew Bug enjoyed moving the laundry around, and now she's all over those dishes too. I grabbed the silverware tray out first to keep her from touching the knives. She proceeded to bring every plate and bowl over to me to put up. I was amazed at her elite skills...and she didn't break one piece.


I wouldn't mind having some new dishes...these have been around since we got married 15 years ago!


Mom said...

Marissa can come help Nana anytime she wants. What a precious little helper.

Texas Howdy said...

Enjoy her help nowk. It may stop when she gets older. Yes, she can help Mimi anytime also. She is really starting so early to help. Not only is she enjoying baking cookies, but likes doing dishes. Wow, soon you may not have to do dishes! Of course, I bet it is more fun doing them now with cutie pie helping.

bridget said...

You are a brave one :) I cringe everytime Kate comes in the kitchen and the dishwasher is open!!! lol