Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hurry Spring

We're pretending like Spring is really here in spite of the cold outside and we spent some time planting pretty flowers.  This sweet girl loves to be outside, playing or working, and was so excited to help.

I don't claim to have a green thumb, maybe Ladybug does.  Here's to hoping we can just keep them alive!

When I asked her to fill up her watering can, I didn't realize she was going to go into her bathroom for water.  I expected to see a puddling trail of water from her bathroom to the door but she didn't make a mess at all!

Monday, March 10, 2014

At 5 Years Old

  • Ladybug loves pre K and everything about it.  She often role-plays with her animals and pretends she is a teacher.
  • She can write her name, first and last, and does it often.
  • I would actually call her obsessed with letters.  She loves to play games with letters and tries to write words with random letters.  She is really wanting to be able to read.
  • Singing is still a favorite and she will make up silly songs.  She'll also sing them anywhere…she's a little performer.  She started going to children's choir at church and loves it.
  • Buggy began a gymnastics class and goes once a week.  She listens and takes her turn and is learning to tumble, turn cartwheels, and do handstands.  
  •  She loves to be outside and I know she really enjoys our new huge backyard.
  • For the most part, she's outgrown the temper tantrums.  Every once in a while, something will cause her to become upset and difficult to console.
  • She loves puzzles including mazes and connect the dots.  She continually asks questions about anything and everything.
  • She has an alarm clock and sets it every night.  The best part is that she gets up in the mornings when it goes off!
  • She's wearing 4T and 4…the pants are just now getting too short and we've had to do all 4's on bottom.  She's in a size 8 shoe and she weighs 34 pounds.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Red Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

We had the best time planning this red Minnie Mouse birthday party for Ladybug.  I had given her a choice between a purple party, polka dot party, and Minnie…I was leaning towards polka dots but she definitely made the perfect choice for both of us!

One of my favorite finds were these two-bite sized Minnie Mouse cookies from 3CSC on Etsy.  They were beautiful and delicious!

I saw this marshmallow treat on pinterest and thought it would be fun to make and I was pleasantly surprised when they were quite tastey.  It's just large marshmallows, melted chocolate and m&m's.

My favorite dip served in a Minnie Mouse mug.

The food was easy: homemade chicken salad sandwiches, homemade pimento cheese sandwiches, pb&j sandwiches for the girls, chips, dip and fruit.

I mixed up a bag of nonpareils, m&m's, and disney shaped chocolate covered pretzels and invented this little treat.  I should have sprung for the cute little candy cups, but used leftover cupcake wrappers instead.

You have to have red punch at any Minnie Mouse party.

I wish this picture looked better, those cupcake wrapper garlands turned out super cute!  

My sweet mother helped me make this crepe paper backdrop.

We had a bubble table set up as an ice breaker for the girls.

One of the games we played was Pin the Bow on Minnie….complete with a blindfold and spinning around.  (Everyone was a winner.)

The party favors were cute little mouse shaped bathroom soaps that I ordered from Target.  Love these! They were placed in cellophane bags and tied with a ribbon.  I designed the little tag on my computer and used a few Stampin'Up! punches.  It says, "Toodles.  Thank you for coming to my party."

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Birthday Party

We had a fun little Minnie Mouse birthday party this past weekend!  I will share more photos very soon.