Thursday, July 26, 2012

At 41 Months

* Loves the Kai-lan show and is always roleplaying parts of the show.  She still "skates" (and falls down) in the living room in her bare feet.

* She never would drink chocolate milk until she visited Mississippi.  Thanks Angie!  Now she thinks there is no other kind of milk.  I told T that I would be soooo happy when we ran out.

* One word.  Moody.

* Some of the random things she said this month while driving down the road, "Nice driving, Daddy" and after T dropping me off at work one morning, "Daddy, I have a problem.  I miss Mommy."

* Her ability to think and reason things in her mind continues to amaze us as she learns.  Ladybug asked Nanny one day out of the blue, "Do you go to church, Nanny?"  She answered and then Buggy said, "Do you go to your church?  I really like my church."  This was soon after we went to a funeral and she was really concerned that she wasn't in her church.  (No, we didn't tell her we were at a funeral but only because she didn't ask.

* Ladybug still doesn't climb out of the bed on her own.  (Do we want her to? hehe)  She also still likes to be carried way too much.

* She's still in size 3T and size 6.5 shoes but not for long on the shoes.  We're still working on the potty, we've at least one success this month that I know of....but still a long way off from being potty trained.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Maybe tomorrow...

I asked Ladybug three times today if we could take her chair photo outside and she said:

1. I don't want to go outside.

2.  It's too hot.

3.  Not yet.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stampin'Up! Convention 2012 - I am...

I am unlucky.  Ha!  I had lots of chances to win prizes this week, but nada, zilch, nothin'.
If it weren't for the freebies that everyone received during the last general session, my stampy fingers would have been very sad.  We received the Ronald McDonald House set "Moving Forward" and the holiday hostess set "Mixed Medley."   Yay!

Here's all of group having dinner tonight at the Red Rock.  (Although, T was hiding in that picture.)  It was a nice fun evening after a busy week.  Now I'm ready to get back on the plane to see my Ladybug!  We are leaving the hotel at 6 am, so I'm off to catch some sleep. 

Stampin'Up! Convention 2012

I can always spot the ladybugs, pretty quickly!  How cute is that one?  I'd fill his belly with red hots candy!

While browsing around the display boards, I noticed a card that I had made and sent in for a Stampin'Up! Contest.  Obviously, I didn't win...but I was delighted that it made the boards.  It's the small 3x3 card right in the middle of the photo below.  :)

So, there's just one more day of Convention left.  I'm tired and my shoulders ache from carrying around ALL THIS STUFF plus my camera.  I keep lightening my load each day, but then again I keep shopping in Momento Mall!  I can't wait to share little happies with my stampy girls.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stampin'Up! Convention 2012 - Day 1

Convention finally got underway today!  We headed to Riverton first thing this morning to tour the Stampin'Up! headquarters.  T went along for the ride but didn't care anything about the tour.  Can you spot him in the blue shirt sitting in their gorgeous breakroom while he waited on me?  By the way, their breakroom was beautiful with greenery and a waterfall.

After our tour of Stampin'Up! we headed out to the Kennecott Copper Mine.  It was interesting little area with a visitor center and gift shop.  T really enjoyed it, but all I could do was keep looking at my watch.  I was sooo anxious to pick up my convention bag and goodies. 

 Finally, we headed back to the Salt Lake Convention Center.  I headed straight to pick up the bag and was excited to see that it was the Chevron bag was saw on the back of our demonstrator magazine.  Very cute!  Oh, and it was filled with little happies!  Three stamp sets, catalog, and holiday catalog (comes out August 1, so it's hidden behind the big catalog), glue stick, Convention pen, Convention pin, prize patrol wrist bracelot (I hope, I hope, I hope I win), my lanyard, and a Convention booklet.  The booklet has pictures of all the staff presenters holding an "I am ______"chalkboard with their word filled in.  There's lot of extra scrappy space in the book too.  Love it!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday in Salt Lake City

We're here!  We made it to Salt Lake City just fine and my ear did great on the plane too.  I think I worried about that for no reason.  Our first stop in SLC was a restaurant called Crown Burgers.  T picked out this place as they are known for their burgers with pastrami and special sauce.  I snuck a small bite of his burger and then enjoyed a boring old salad. 

We also ventured out to Antelope Island to see the Salt Lake.  We watched a quick movie there about the Salt Lake and learned that is has no fish in it.  Evidently only these tiny brine shrimp live in the lake..  What we did see were birds everywhere along the shores and in the water.  While we were driving through, we saw lots of antelope and bison.  I even walked up to one of the bison to take a close up picture.  But then he stood up and snorted at me, so I took off running.

For my stampy fun today, I attended Lisa Rodriguez'  Hilton Event.  She put on a great day of make and takes, lunch, and special goodies for all attendees.  These are some pictures of the goodie tables.  The little Santa square box had a Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer in it, love that! 

Tomorrow is the tour of Stampin'Up! and collect our Convention Bag day!!  Can't wait!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Stampin'Up! Convention 2012 Bound

I am so excited to be heading to Salt Lake City for the Stampin'Up! Convention!  I remember stalking the blogs and boards last year at this time for all the scoop and excitement.  This year I will be a part of it!

You can expect that I will be sharing lots of crafty goodness this week!  These little bags were made from the Summer Smooches fabric, aren't they adorable?  I stuck a little hand sanitizer inside from Bath and Body those, especially when they run them on sale for $1 each.  I'll be sharing these little happies with my teammates that are also going to convention. Yay, can't wait!  

Buggy will be staying home, and even with all the excitement I'm a little sad about leaving her for a few days.  I wanted to bring her, but after I saw the schedule for the event...I knew I wouldn't be able to spend any time with her.  T is going with me and we'll be chatting and doing facetime with her every night. 

More soon...from Utah!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Ready for the Rink

There is a Kai Lan episode about skating that Ladybug likes to watch...a lot.  The last few weeks she's been "skating" around the living room while saying, "Skating is hard...woah" as she pretends to fall down.  

I teased T about us taking her to the roller rink and renting some skates so she could try it out.  Ha!  Imagine my surprise today at work when I found a neglected pair of kid's skates with pads on the clearance rack!  Well, they were definitely coming home with me and I couldn't wait to tell Buggy I had a surprise for her.

She was sooooo excited.  Just see for yourself.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy Wednesday

I know I've been a bad blogger as of late.  I just haven't felt good the past couple of weeks and we're trying to get ready for our big trip to Salt Lake City next week.  I am super excited to be on vacation in just 3 more days!

More soon,

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The WatERmelon

Gdad texted Ladybug a picture of a big juicy watermelon to my phone the other night.  She was so excited to see that watERmelon and wanted to call Gdad to let him know.  I'm pretty sure he was asleep in bed, but we dialed his number anyway to chat.  Imagine our surprise when he actually answered and she spouted off three-year-old-conversational-babble about wanting to eat that watERmelon!

Nanny came down to stay for a few days this week since Coco took a trip to DISNEY.  (Oh no, I'm not bitter.~)  She pulled out a nice, juicy watERmelon when she got here and we took a quick pic to send to Gdad.  Then, of course, Buggy wanted to take Nanny's picture with the watERmelon too!

It's been a fun week,

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!

Hanging out in The Colony this morning waiting for the parade to start.

Have a happy and safe Fourth of July!