Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stampin'Up! Convention 2012 - I am...

I am unlucky.  Ha!  I had lots of chances to win prizes this week, but nada, zilch, nothin'.
If it weren't for the freebies that everyone received during the last general session, my stampy fingers would have been very sad.  We received the Ronald McDonald House set "Moving Forward" and the holiday hostess set "Mixed Medley."   Yay!

Here's all of group having dinner tonight at the Red Rock.  (Although, T was hiding in that picture.)  It was a nice fun evening after a busy week.  Now I'm ready to get back on the plane to see my Ladybug!  We are leaving the hotel at 6 am, so I'm off to catch some sleep. 

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Texas Howdy said...

I know you had loads of fun but missed Ladybug badly. She will be so happy to see Mommy & Daddy! love, Margaret