Friday, July 13, 2012

Ready for the Rink

There is a Kai Lan episode about skating that Ladybug likes to watch...a lot.  The last few weeks she's been "skating" around the living room while saying, "Skating is hard...woah" as she pretends to fall down.  

I teased T about us taking her to the roller rink and renting some skates so she could try it out.  Ha!  Imagine my surprise today at work when I found a neglected pair of kid's skates with pads on the clearance rack!  Well, they were definitely coming home with me and I couldn't wait to tell Buggy I had a surprise for her.

She was sooooo excited.  Just see for yourself.

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Mom said...

I know Bug is loving learning to skate like Rintoo on Kai-Lan. She is adorable in her skates and pads. Have fun!