Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday in Salt Lake City

We're here!  We made it to Salt Lake City just fine and my ear did great on the plane too.  I think I worried about that for no reason.  Our first stop in SLC was a restaurant called Crown Burgers.  T picked out this place as they are known for their burgers with pastrami and special sauce.  I snuck a small bite of his burger and then enjoyed a boring old salad. 

We also ventured out to Antelope Island to see the Salt Lake.  We watched a quick movie there about the Salt Lake and learned that is has no fish in it.  Evidently only these tiny brine shrimp live in the lake..  What we did see were birds everywhere along the shores and in the water.  While we were driving through, we saw lots of antelope and bison.  I even walked up to one of the bison to take a close up picture.  But then he stood up and snorted at me, so I took off running.

For my stampy fun today, I attended Lisa Rodriguez'  Hilton Event.  She put on a great day of make and takes, lunch, and special goodies for all attendees.  These are some pictures of the goodie tables.  The little Santa square box had a Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer in it, love that! 

Tomorrow is the tour of Stampin'Up! and collect our Convention Bag day!!  Can't wait!


Mom said...

Looks like you and T are having a great time. So happy you are sending updates on your vacation.

Texas Howdy said...

Great picture of you two. Have fun! Margaret