Thursday, July 26, 2012

At 41 Months

* Loves the Kai-lan show and is always roleplaying parts of the show.  She still "skates" (and falls down) in the living room in her bare feet.

* She never would drink chocolate milk until she visited Mississippi.  Thanks Angie!  Now she thinks there is no other kind of milk.  I told T that I would be soooo happy when we ran out.

* One word.  Moody.

* Some of the random things she said this month while driving down the road, "Nice driving, Daddy" and after T dropping me off at work one morning, "Daddy, I have a problem.  I miss Mommy."

* Her ability to think and reason things in her mind continues to amaze us as she learns.  Ladybug asked Nanny one day out of the blue, "Do you go to church, Nanny?"  She answered and then Buggy said, "Do you go to your church?  I really like my church."  This was soon after we went to a funeral and she was really concerned that she wasn't in her church.  (No, we didn't tell her we were at a funeral but only because she didn't ask.

* Ladybug still doesn't climb out of the bed on her own.  (Do we want her to? hehe)  She also still likes to be carried way too much.

* She's still in size 3T and size 6.5 shoes but not for long on the shoes.  We're still working on the potty, we've at least one success this month that I know of....but still a long way off from being potty trained.


Mom said...

Nanny loves the chair picture. Bug is learning and growing so much. Love my Bug!

Texas Howdy said...

Mimi also loves the picture and love the way she is communicating so well. Can't wait to see her and you and Marty also!

Nanou Mimosa said...

I have not forgotten you, but it's the holidays here, I have a lot of visits. Marika is always so pretty. Hugs