Friday, May 25, 2012

At 39 Months

  • She's wanting to do everything on her own.  "I wanna do it, I wanna do it."  Whether it's getting dressed or pouring her own drink or just getting out of the car. 
  • Bubbles are now being allowed back into the bath. I'm still uncertain as to why they were banned in the first place. 
  • Buggy's been so much quieter in church...and she understand now that she has to whisper.
  • We've been saying the same little prayer before naps and bedtime...she's gotten to where she will just say it all on her own. It's very sweet but sometimes I giggle about who makes the prayer list.
  • When she wants to watch something on TV, she doesn't just ask for Dora.  She'll ask for Dora and her mother or Kai Lan with the playground.  She wants specific episodes! 
  • One of her new favorite things to say, "Wooo, that was close." (Where did she learn that?)
  • Her weight: 28 pounds, height: 36", and wearing size 3T.  Her little feet are a size 6.5.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Graduation Day

Today we enjoyed Buggy's Mother's Day Out graduation day!  I loved seeing them march in single file with little Ladybug leading the way.  She seemed very surprised to see me...her face lit right up and she shouted, "Hey, that's my mommy!"

As all the kiddos lined up on the stage, she kept looking at us and shouting, "Hey, that's my mommy, that's my coco.  Hi Mommy, hi Coco!"

It was hilarious and we just egged it on by waving right back.

It was a super cute program with some singing and dancing before they all received their certificates.

The day was a little bittersweet for me.  I didn't think I would be emotional during the presentation, but a couple of tears slipped out.  I am very thankful for her sweet teachers and I'm also thankful that she is very happy here.  Oh, and let's not forget that she has certainly grown a lot during this past year.

She went from demanding to be carried into the school and not wanting to be left at the school.... running from the car right into her classroom without even a backward glance at Mom.

It took a long time, but that finally happened.  Guess we will have to start all over again this fall!

I also love, love, love how they gave us a little scrapbook of pictures throughout the year.  I'm so very proud of that.  I will take pictures of it and share with you soon.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'm sharing a quick and easy scrapbook layout that I made using Stampin'Up! products.  I love the butterfly embosslits!  There's also a fine mist of glimmer paint on the background, another of my go to techniques while scrapbooking.

Picture is from Ladybug's 3rd birthday photo shoot and is also one of my faves.

Enjoy your day,

Monday, May 21, 2012

Why didn't I think of this sooner?

Bug's room is upstairs, but all of her clothes, shoes, and hair bows are our room.  It was never really a problem when she was tiny, but now that she's 3 all of her things are getting larger.  We've been toying around with the idea of moving all of her things into her bedroom, but it just seems easier, at least for the time being.

One thing that has been driving us both bonkers is all the shoes, strewn ALL over the room or stacked at the foot of our bed.  Have I ever mentioned that we must be obsessed with shoes for this chiclet?  I know this started when we were getting ready to go to China and thought she had to have shoes.  Of course, the ones we took were like 3 sizes too big!

Anyway, I had some time today to purge a few of my things from the bottom drawers of my dresser.  (40 pounds lost, ya'll....and I now have two big bags to take to goodwill!)  That's a whole 'nother blog post that I do want to share with you soon.

Buggy is super excited about her new shoe drawer and she can open and close it all on her own.  Now if I can just get her to wear those sandals instead of the tennis shoes.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Wednesday

We've had a fun Wednesday with pedicures and lunch.   This girl loves to be pampered and will sit right up there like a big girl.  After pedis, we enjoyed lunch at Rafael's which is right next door.  Have I ever mentioned that Bug's a "dipper?"  Dip, ketchup, salsa, whatever...she loves to dip!

We came home for a nap, but she put on her boots and wanted to go outside for a walk instead.  We watered our flowers and enjoyed the nice weather.

Have I mentioned that I broke my camera?  Well, I did figure out that it was just the lens that broke and was going to just replace that.  In doing some research, cameras have certainly gotten a lot nicer in the 3 years since I bought mine.  So, I went ahead and bought a new camera instead.  It finally arrived on Monday and I played with it some today.  It has video on it.  Oh yes!   Here's my first attempt and be sure to turn your sound up.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

I had a very special Mother's Day...T let me do whatever I wanted to do today. :) That included church, Palio's for lunch, and some scrappy time while he did the grocery shopping and Bug napped. We also went by the park and snapped a few photos, just for fun. I loved my special day!

Monday, May 7, 2012

May's Masculine Card Blog Hop

We have another fun Blog Hop to share with you this month. Our theme for May was to do a masculine card. Now, I honestly don't own ANY stamps that I consider masculine so I really had to dig deep to come up with something. I chose the well worn designer series paper and a sentiment from a stamp set called On Your Birthday. Both of these items are retiring at the end of this month! Be sure to check out all of the great stamps and accessories that are retiring right HERE. Many of them are even discounted! You can shop in my online store and with any order this month, I'll send you the new Stampin'Up! catalog that comes out on June 1 for FREE.

Check out everyone's fabulous projects! Be sure to leave a comment by May 27 on everyone's post so that you will be entered to win this very generous prize pack offered from Elaine.

Have a great week! Deana

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Today is...

Free Comic Book Day!

Check for a location near you.

T and Bug have already ventured out to conquer both pancakes AND comic books.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Toes in the Water

They still have not opened our swimming pool yet.  I think it's getting close as they have been doing some work around there.

 Oh, and they left the door open...

Of course, we snuck on in and just had to take a quick toe dip.

It's pretty cold...but we are ready!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Remember that little project that Bug and I were working on?

We proudly broke it in tonight with lots of chalk.

I'm pretty sure this is the largest backyard chalkboard in the whole entire world!!

Wouldn't you agree?

Oh, and check out that happy face.  :)