Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Wednesday

We've had a fun Wednesday with pedicures and lunch.   This girl loves to be pampered and will sit right up there like a big girl.  After pedis, we enjoyed lunch at Rafael's which is right next door.  Have I ever mentioned that Bug's a "dipper?"  Dip, ketchup, salsa, whatever...she loves to dip!

We came home for a nap, but she put on her boots and wanted to go outside for a walk instead.  We watered our flowers and enjoyed the nice weather.

Have I mentioned that I broke my camera?  Well, I did figure out that it was just the lens that broke and was going to just replace that.  In doing some research, cameras have certainly gotten a lot nicer in the 3 years since I bought mine.  So, I went ahead and bought a new camera instead.  It finally arrived on Monday and I played with it some today.  It has video on it.  Oh yes!   Here's my first attempt and be sure to turn your sound up.


Anonymous said...

I really like those boots! They do look a little big for Bug.


Mom said...

I am sorry about your camera but glad for the sweet video of Bug singing Jesue Loves Me. Love it, Love her! Sweet times for you and Bug today. Motherhood continues to get sweeter each day with your precious daughter.

Nanou Mimosa said...

Marissa is a true girl!!!