Friday, May 25, 2012

At 39 Months

  • She's wanting to do everything on her own.  "I wanna do it, I wanna do it."  Whether it's getting dressed or pouring her own drink or just getting out of the car. 
  • Bubbles are now being allowed back into the bath. I'm still uncertain as to why they were banned in the first place. 
  • Buggy's been so much quieter in church...and she understand now that she has to whisper.
  • We've been saying the same little prayer before naps and bedtime...she's gotten to where she will just say it all on her own. It's very sweet but sometimes I giggle about who makes the prayer list.
  • When she wants to watch something on TV, she doesn't just ask for Dora.  She'll ask for Dora and her mother or Kai Lan with the playground.  She wants specific episodes! 
  • One of her new favorite things to say, "Wooo, that was close." (Where did she learn that?)
  • Her weight: 28 pounds, height: 36", and wearing size 3T.  Her little feet are a size 6.5.


Mom said...

I know I say it every month but Bug is beautiful. She also has a sweet heart and spirit. How I love this girl.

Texas Howdy said...

She is our beautiful model! Love our granddaughter. Mimi