Monday, May 27, 2013

All The Way

Remember all of our potty woes?  I really thought we were going to have to have a pull-up intervention. She'd been doing panties during the day just great for quite awhile but she would not poo in the potty.  Instead she would demand a pull-up.  We'd tell her to get her own and off she would go to take off her panties and put on the pull-up.  I tried prizes and sticker charts and even trips to the park.  She would not poo in the potty for any of those things.  Flat out refused.

We sent her to Nanny's for a week, really because T and Coco were both traveling for work.  I reluctantly sent the pull-ups to Nanny's and asked her to get that girl to poo in the potty.  Nanny was up for the challenge and the next thing I see is a picture message of a poo in the potty!  Really?!  How did Nanny just do that?   

I never thought we'd ever see the day, but something just finally clicked and this ladybug is finally potty trained.  No pull-ups over night.  No pull-ups during nap.  She is potty trained.




This is huge ya'll!  After we went a week with no accidents, I went and hid the leftover pull-ups from her so she would not see them and regress.

She just filled up her last sticker chart from all the poos the last couple of weeks and T took her to buy a Jack in the Box.  That's been her pure motivation for the last two weeks...a silly Jack in the Box as her prize.  Evidently, they stopped to look at the bikes in the toy store and he sends me a video of her riding in the store.  Then all of a sudden she's changed her mind.  I'm sure having a car seat on the back of the bike helped make her decision a little easier.

Now all I can think about is...seriously, can this girl be old enough to be riding a bike? 





Sunday, May 19, 2013

Such Joy both of their faces.  Love these two.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Free Comic Book Day

Ladybug with her free comic books... she enjoyed her day with Daddy.  He's always finding a little adventure for them to enjoy and today was no exception!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


With Spring trying to slowly sneak in, there are other changes going on in our lives right now too.  The biggest change is with us losing our "Coco."  She's restless here just being our nanny and working her cakeball business and is ready to get back out into the real work force.  It's been coming for awhile now and my prayers are being answered (so far) that Ladybug will be able to finish Mother's Day Out and graduation on May 28 before Coco leaves us.

Buggy and I have visited the new daycare a couple of times and have gotten her registered.  So far, she doesn't seem concerned about her new "school" and when it starts.    I believe she will thrive there as she loves having structure and does so much better on a schedule.   My concerns?  How in the world am I going to get myself and her breakfast and then dressed and out the door every morning by 7:15?  T's either already out the door or traveling....this is all going to be my responsibility and I'm scared because it's going to be so hard.  I realize now how I really had it made before.

My work has been a little crazy lately too, lots of changes going on there.  My boss left the company and the other Assistant Store Manager and I have been holding the fort down with just the two of us.  It's been a lot of long days and hours not to mention more stress.

Today was my first day off in a while and we enjoyed it by picking T up from his office for lunch.  We had the best time and took a quick snap outside the restaurant.  Then it was back to doing errands and chores for us before heading home.

Lots of changes, but one thing I can look forward to is getting my craft room back!~