Thursday, July 5, 2012

The WatERmelon

Gdad texted Ladybug a picture of a big juicy watermelon to my phone the other night.  She was so excited to see that watERmelon and wanted to call Gdad to let him know.  I'm pretty sure he was asleep in bed, but we dialed his number anyway to chat.  Imagine our surprise when he actually answered and she spouted off three-year-old-conversational-babble about wanting to eat that watERmelon!

Nanny came down to stay for a few days this week since Coco took a trip to DISNEY.  (Oh no, I'm not bitter.~)  She pulled out a nice, juicy watERmelon when she got here and we took a quick pic to send to Gdad.  Then, of course, Buggy wanted to take Nanny's picture with the watERmelon too!

It's been a fun week,


Mom said...

I have had so much fun. So thankful to spend time with my sweet family.

Texas Howdy said...

Great fun Nanny. Give her a hug and kiss for Mimi. Did she like the watermelon?