Monday, March 10, 2014

At 5 Years Old

  • Ladybug loves pre K and everything about it.  She often role-plays with her animals and pretends she is a teacher.
  • She can write her name, first and last, and does it often.
  • I would actually call her obsessed with letters.  She loves to play games with letters and tries to write words with random letters.  She is really wanting to be able to read.
  • Singing is still a favorite and she will make up silly songs.  She'll also sing them anywhere…she's a little performer.  She started going to children's choir at church and loves it.
  • Buggy began a gymnastics class and goes once a week.  She listens and takes her turn and is learning to tumble, turn cartwheels, and do handstands.  
  •  She loves to be outside and I know she really enjoys our new huge backyard.
  • For the most part, she's outgrown the temper tantrums.  Every once in a while, something will cause her to become upset and difficult to console.
  • She loves puzzles including mazes and connect the dots.  She continually asks questions about anything and everything.
  • She has an alarm clock and sets it every night.  The best part is that she gets up in the mornings when it goes off!
  • She's wearing 4T and 4…the pants are just now getting too short and we've had to do all 4's on bottom.  She's in a size 8 shoe and she weighs 34 pounds.

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Mom said...

Ladybug, Nanny and G-dad can't believe you are five years old. You are growing and learning so much every single day. We love you with all our hearts.