Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

It's been a busy weekend and we got home very late last night, but we made it up this morning for church.

I'm a little disappointed that it rained all day and I didn't get a family picture of us. In fact, we weren't able to spend any time outside at all. Instead, eggs and candies were littered across the living room floor.

And I'm pretty sure Buggy had chocolate bunny and jelly beans for dinner.

While getting ready for church this morning, she watched me put on a necklace and then she asked if she could wear a necklace. I remembered that some long-time friends of ours, Mrs Helen and Mr Charles, gave Bug a little necklace a long time ago. I pulled it out of my jewelry box and she was delighted to wear it today.


Texas Howdy said...

So pretty in her Easter dress and necklace! love, Mimi

Mom said...

She is beautiful in her Easter dress. So thankful for our little Ladybug.