Monday, April 23, 2012

Frog Frenzy~

I finally had a day off today, it has been a tough work week. I knew I was going to spend it cleaning and organizing. (The donation truck comes on Wednesday!) There was still a little bit of excitement during my chore day.

I moved a kleenex box that was sitting on an end table to dust and noticed something inside.

Can you see it?

This little frog was a hot topic of conversation in our PingChat channel today. I thought it was a real critter...but Bug informed us real quick that it was her frog. I still wasn't sure whether it was real or a fake so I just left it in there. I'm not a big fan of bugs and critters.

T comes home later and sneaks the frog out of the kleenex box and perches it on the laptop.

Where I am sure to find it!

Well, she's not real .... but she looks awfully real. Silly frog.


Texas Howdy said...

Glad you finally had a day off from work, but it sounds like no rest for you today, but nice to spend the day with our girl! Love Mimi

Nanou Mimosa said...

Me neither, I do not like the cold touch of these beasties and slimy!

Mom said...

You were always afraid of critters that crawl around and creepy looking. Sorry you had to worry all day until T came home. Maybe next time you will listen to Bug when she said that is my frog mommy.