Thursday, January 26, 2012

Family Day

We celebrated Family Day yesterday with our now traditional Chinese dinner at PF Chang's and a little happy gift from China. If you remember, we brought home 18 little gifts of love from China to share with Ladybug every year on Family Day. T and I enjoyed digging through the box to pick out this year's gift which was a little China doll.

It's now been two years and we still feel so blessed to have this precious little girl as our own!!


Mom said...

Happy family day. What a wonderful gift you and T were given. Bug is such a blessing to all our family. It is hard to believe two years have passed. We love you sweet Bug.

Texas Howdy said...

She has been a blessing to us also. I think she is blessed to have you two for parents and you two are blessed to have her. God is so good! Love Mimi