Saturday, January 21, 2012

Disney Delay

We have the Disney jar all set up and we're filling it with money and change. The plan was to go in September...but now it appears to be getting pushed to 2013. I'm not very happy about it....hey, this trip was for ME!

Various reasons: her age, riding the rides, being timid of characters, and the list goes on.

Does this girl not look like she's ready to ride some Disney rides?

I certainly think so....

p.s. She was also very happy to see her Daddy today.


Mom said...

After this weekend, Gdad and I think she is ready to go. So are we!

Texas Howdy said...

Such cute pictures and so happy. Maybe next year she will be able to be around crowds and not tire so easy which will be more fun for Mommy and Daddy. Might want to try Six Flags this year to see how she does and take many pictures (don't think I have to tell you that. LOL) Love, Mimi

Deana said...

Good idea Mimi! 6 Flags it is!