Wednesday, January 25, 2012

At 35 Months

It's just not possible that she is one month shy of 3 years old! Say it isn't so.

* Her sentences are now crazy long and whenever she says a long sentence we just look at her astounded at the amount of words she's throwing around.

* The last two weeks we have not heard one "no way." Perhaps she's finally learned to slow down and say exactly what she needs instead of becoming upset that some thing's not going her way. This is a big win, we have worked really hard on this.

* Buggy's walking up and down the stairs again. Coco said it was the new shoes. Hehe

* Can you say growing? It's almost like it happened over night. That girl has finally gained some weight and will be in a 3T for the new spring season.

* We still aren't working very hard on potty training. We talk about it, but we're just not training with a vengeance. I felt better about it after seeing the other China dolls at Chinese New Year were also not potty trained yet.

* Bug's weighing in at 29 pounds, 35.75" tall, size 4 diapers, and size 6 shoes.


Mom said...

She is such a beautiful girl. Love her outfit and boots. Also love how she asks for something and then says thank you. You, T.and Coco are doing a great job teaching her. I sure do love my granddaughter.

Texas Howdy said...

Yes, Dean we do have a sweet granddaughter to love and a very smart one thanks to our children's love for her and patiently teaching her things and letting her get used to something before crowding her with alot of information. She picks up things so quickly like the scooter and it was fun watching her show Alivia how to do it. She was better than us. Love that sweetheart so much. Mimi