Monday, January 23, 2012

Luckily Long Overdue

Bug has not been sick at all since we've had her (almost) two years ago. Seriously, not even hardly a sniffle on this girl. Praise God. We have been long overdue for something and those germs finally snuck their way in. After a visit to the doctor today, we found out she has pink eye.

We had looked up pink eye online but seriously didn't think that was it. I am very thankful we got some meds to get this knocked out. She is taking those eye drops like a pro, but she isn't eating much. She sat at the dinner table tonight without any squirming and just looked at her plate, only taking one bite.

We then watched a little Barney and she was ready to go to bed.

I've noticed her carrying this little doll blanket around but didn't make the connection until recently. That's exactly how Baby Bop holds her blanket in the show! So cute!


Texas Howdy said...

Poor baby. Pink eye hurts and makes blurry seeing sometimes, but the eye antiboitic drops or ointment will soon make them better. I feel for sweet buggie. If my love for her would make her well, she would be well right away because mimi and Papa love her so much and can speak for Nanny and G-dadthat they have great love for her also. Ya'll try to not catch it too...............Mimi

Mom said...

I am so sorry Bug is sick. Hope she is feeling better today. Yes Mimi, we all love her so very much.