Saturday, March 5, 2011

At 2 Years Old

I know, I know...I'm a week late on my monthly chair photo. But as you can see we had a busy weekend with the best Ladybug Birthday Party ever. I didn't forget to take the picture, I just haven't had time to share it with you.

* She is walking the sidewalk front steps (there's just 2) with her feet and all by herself now. And she wants to practice going up and down them anytime she's outside.

* She has learned so many new words that I can't even begin to list them anymore. I will say that a few of my favorites are: home, outside, and purple. Sometimes she will say a word over and over 12 times and I still can't decipher what she's trying to say! But I'm trying to get better at this Bugspeak.

* One day I noticed her prop her leg up on the side bar of the crib, kind of like a ballerina. I said to myself, "She's about to climb out of there. We need to watch her." The next day guess what happened? Coco was walking up the stairs and heard this loud THUMP. When she walked in Bug's room, she was just standing there on the floor on her feet looking a little surprised and frightened. We don't know how, but she had climbed out of there.

* She'll say "cheese" when we try to take her picture...and stop and pose if she's in the mood.

* Loves to play in her kitchen and sit at the little table with her dolls to serve tea. LOVES to push the little doll stroller around.

* I've learned that I can let her go outside into the backyard to play while I leave the door open and work in the kitchen. Candy Kitty goes out there with her, it's so cute.

* 24.3 pounds

* Size 3 diapers

* Size 4 shoes

* 18 months clothing is on the way out, 24 months for spring

You can see last month's chair photo here.

p.s. She's still sleeping in the crib. T lowered the mattress all the way down so we feel like we are good for a few more months.

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Mom said...

She is growing so much and a little doll. I am so glad she did not break a bone climbing out of the bed. I am sure it did scare her and Coco both. I can't say it enough, she is such a blessing from God.