Sunday, March 25, 2012

At 37 Months

*This picture is indicative of her three year old personality right now. She definately has a mind of her own and as you can see, she really didn't want to sit in the chair for a picture.

*This past month we've been dealing with lots of "no's" that we have been working to turn into "no thanks." I had to laugh earlier today when I asked Bug to pick up her toys from the floor and she sweetly looked at me and said, "no thanks."

*Potty training is still in the works. She is very good at dressing herself and can pull those pants down...oh, and she loves to sit on her potty. But that's as far as it's going.

*Her new favorite toys are puzzles! She's pretty good at them too.

*Bug continues to sleep very well in her own bed. She still doesn't get out of bed on her own, always waits until we come in and open the door.

*She weighs about 28.6 pounds, size 6.5 shoes, size 2T tops and 3T bottoms.


Texas Howdy said...

when I saw the picture before reading I could almost hear her saying "no way" from her expression. She is growing fast! Mimi

Mom said...

I think this may be my favorite chair picture. Bug is showing her adorable personality and she is so cute!