Monday, June 25, 2012

At 3 Yrs + 4 Months

*Ladybug's learning to draw her letters and cut with scissors.

*Her asking skills are a little better, but we still hear a few "I needs..."

*She's gotten really good at her "yes maam" and "yes sir"...who cares if she doesn't get the gender right every time.

*I love how she answers a question with an entire sentence instead of just a one word answer.

*She still wants to do everything herself and usually succeeds.

*Still no interest in the potty.  Although, she always wants to see her we tell her she has to use the potty if she wants to see it.  Ha!


Mom said...

Bug is so adorable. Can't believe how she is growing. Love my girl.

M3 said...

What a beautiful Hubei sweetie! :-)

PS: Thanks for visiting mu blog.