Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Eggs and Cupcakes

After Ladybug's first soccer game of the season was cancelled because of the field being a big mud pit, I got to enjoy a rare Saturday off with my girl.  

We colored Easter eggs! So fun!  Being gentle is very hard for her, but we prevailed with at least a dozen eggs after only one hitting the floor.

Oh yes, she's very proud of those eggs.

During nap time I baked some cupcakes and had them ready for decorating.  We were trying to re-create these bunny cupcakes from Cute Everything.

After it was all said and done, she kept asking if the eggs were dry yet.  So, I asked her if she wanted to eat a cupcake or an egg.

Guess what she picked?  The egg.

And ate every bite.  Silly girl.

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Mom said...

Great job decorating Ladybug. I know you and mommie had so much fun today.