Friday, December 27, 2013

From Crossroads to The Maple House

T and I have talked before about moving but I was always the one that was hesitant.  Big decisions like moving are difficult to make and certainly can't be made on a whim.  I never really saw us moving anywhere and I was so happy in our little house in Crossroads.  We had even started the ball rolling on refinancing our house, but something just didn't feel right about it and we let it go.  Randomly one day I checked the Sears job postings and saw an opening in Texarkana for an Assistant Store Manager.  I talked to T and asked him if he was really wanting to move and the next thing I know I'm putting my application in for a transfer.  I received the job offer back in September, but I kept it pretty mum for almost a month.  That was super hard to do and I wasn't allowed to start until Nov 1!  Me getting this job was definitely a blessing.

I'm not going to lie it was really hard juggling my schedule and T's travel schedule ever since Coco left us.   I know I haven't mentioned my Meniere's Disease in a while but that also played a big factor in our decision to move.  T's out of town and I have a bad episode and can't drive = a bad combination.  I haven't even had an episode since we moved, thank you Lord.  Another blessing.

We put our house on the market around the first week of October and we had three offers after that first week.  Crazy right?  Selling our house so quickly showed us again, that this was meant to be.  We are blessed.

Ladybug and I moved to New Boston and began staying with my parents back on October 31.  They have horrible internet which is one reason I haven't blogged.  T stayed back in Crossroads and worked on packing while driving back and forth on the weekends.    We enrolled Ladybug into a real pre school and she loves it!  That was a rough two week adjustment trying to get us both out the door by 7:20 every morning.  I'm so thankful she's in full swing of the routine now.

We looked at almost every house for sale in New Boston and made a decision very quickly on wanting The Maple House.  A contingent offer had been made and we just prayed every day that the sale would go through on our house so we could close on this house.  We actually moved in on December 13 and closed on both houses on December 23 and December 27.  Again, another blessing.

It's been a long, rough month with working retail and 6 day work weeks WHILE moving.  Seriously, my only day off each week was spent moving or shopping for Christmas.  We still have a long way to go but at least we have beds to sleep in.  The boxes will slowly get accomplished and The Maple House will soon be called home.

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