Friday, February 27, 2015

At 6 Years Old

* Her current favorite shows are Doc McStuffins, Sheriff Callie and Kate and Mim-Mim.
* Ladybug continues to love school and we have no trouble getting her up and ready every morning.
* But, she gets in trouble at school for talking too much.
* She's learning to read like a champ and it amazes me that she can grab a book and start reading.
* Buggy knows all of her letters and numbers up to 100, but sometimes she draws the 3 or 7 backwards and I worry this isn't normal.
* She started gymnastics again and enjoys her new class here in New Boston.
* Ladybug wants to learn to knit because Sheriff Callie knits.  (How are we going to teach a lefty?)
* She loves playing with legos and stuffed animals and she continues to role-play quite often.
* She knows all the words to Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off."
* Wearing a 5 pant, 6 shirt, and a 9 shoe.

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