Thursday, February 25, 2016

Happy 7th Birthday Ladybug!

She has been so excited this whole month of February for her birthday.  Just this past week, every day, she would tell me that I only had x number of days to wrap her presents.  

This past year, going from 6 to 7 years old, it seems like she is so much more grown and taller!  She is definitely going to outgrow her chair soon!  

She's sweet, thoughtful and kind.  She will always share whatever she is eating with anyone.

She obeys the rules at home and school and genuinely does what we ask her to do without argument.

She gets along great with other kids when playing.  School has really helped with this.

Ladybug has been more easy going than in the past. The crying has completely stopped when she doesn't get her way or something happens the way she thinks it shouldn't.  She does still get a little anxious when something unordinary the smoke alarm starts beeping.  It will cause days worth of anxiety about anything beeping or making noise and she pretty much won't stay in a room by herself.  Then after a few days, all will be fine and forgotten.

Some of her favorites are:

Mia and Boo, her doll and and stuffed puppy.  Lately, she's been taking them everywhere and being a sweet mother to them.

Wild Kratts and Little Einsteins are her latest favorite shows.

Church and Sunday School.

School and homework - she's doing very well in first grade.

Orange juice and runny fried eggs.  (She did not get this from me.)

Anything sweet and sugary.

Wearing a watch.

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