Friday, November 25, 2011

At 33 Months

*Some of her new favorite phrases are "very, very good" and "much better." We still hear a lot of "no way" and we continue to try to teach her to say "help please" instead.

*After putting her into bed, she's gotten up and played with her toys a few nights during the past month. On one of those nights, we could hear the guitar playing and then some loud screaming "no way, no way." The guitar strap had wrapped around her little neck and really scared her and us!

*Rabbit continues to go everywhere with Buggy. I'm afraid Santa might have his feelings hurt when she prefers the silly rabbit over her new American Girl Bitty Baby doll that he is bringing.

*Bug's learning to count to 15 now and she can recognize all of her shapes. I love it when she yells octagon!

*We see a lot of pretend play where she's acting out something. For example, the other day when she jumped out of the car she held her hand out and "opened the door, walked through, and then closed the door."

*She still weighs 26-ish pounds, size 5 shoe, and size 3 diaper. Clothes are a mix of 24 months to 2T. I'm finding sizing is not as consistent as it is in baby clothing. I really need to get this girl measured!


Mom said...

You just keep getting prettier Bug. Love you lots.

Nanou said...

I find this lovely little ladybug changes from month to month. Lots of kisses