Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Random Thought Tuesday

*I'm enjoying two days off with my girl while T is in Austin for a food show. Coco even got hired to help too so I'm a single mom for these two days...so far so good.

*I love this time of the year when the mailbox is full of Christmas catalogs. It's time for window shopping and making Christmas lists!

*We bought a new iMac and I can't figure out where the backspace is on this tiny little bluetooth keyboard.

*I've been having more vertigo issues this past week. Even had to have someone drive me home one day last week. So, that's why there's been no blogging.

*Picture above was from today, we walked around the entire block. Buggy pushed her baby around that entire block too.


Mom said...

Bug is adorable taking her doll for a walk.

Nanou said...

An adorable future nurse!