Wednesday, February 29, 2012

At 3 Years Old

* Ladybug has finally learned to drop the "no way" and calmly say "help please" when something isn't going the way she'd like. Today I heard "help please" continuously until I went over to help with a puzzle she was working on.

* She has picked up a different bad habit of saying "Nu uh" and we are not sure where she has learned it. We really don't like hearing it so we are working on the no thank you when we hear that now.

* She currently doesn't like bubbles in the bath, but she does love to pick out a fun color to tint the water.

* I love how when I ask her a question she can now come up with an answer other than a no or yes. The other day I asked her how the pancakes were and she replied, "They are hot."

* Buggy is very opinionated about what she wants to wear both to sleep in and for play wear. Sometimes it's easier to just go with the flow on this one.

* She's learning to play and enjoy board games and puzzles. In fact, I had to hide the Candyland game...when she would walk by and see it I'd watch her hand slide across the cover as she longingly eyeballed it. I had such mommy guilt when I would see that happen.

* There was an error in her weight the last time she went to the doctor. They had recorded her as 31 pounds and I knew that wasn't right so I recorded last month's weight as 29 pounds. Her current weight is actually 27.5 pounds and 35.75 inches tall. She's also in a size 6 shoe and 3T clothing.


Mom said...

Our precious Ladybug just gets prettier every month. It is hard to believe she is already three.

Texas Howdy said...

Thanks for keeping us posted. She is learning so much thanks to her parents. Love Mimi