Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Before and After

This is from yesterday while we are having our usual breakfast oatmeal routine. By the way, we should buy stock in oatmeal, this girl always wants oatmeal for snack and dinner too.

Note that it's now just 4 days until the birthday party.

And this picture is from today while Buggy is baking cookies with Nanny. She came home from school yesterday looking like she face planted into the ground.

From what I understand, that's exactly what happened when another child fell on top of her!

3 days until the party...

...and all of her birthday pictures are going to have scabs.


Mom said...

She will be beautiful anyway, scabs and all!

Nanou Mimosa said...

Dites-moi naughty girl, vous mettez votre nez joli petit sur les biscuits?

Texas Howdy said...

Poor Baby! We will know that she will be pretty in her pictures. Did it hurt Mommy more than her! We hurt for our kiddos sometimes more than they feel it! Love to all of you. Mimi