Sunday, August 26, 2012

Monthly Chair Photo: At 42 Months

* Ladybug didn't want to go outside for a photo until I mentioned the bubbles!

* She's beginning to color within the lines.

* She says she's not ready to go to school.  We keep talking about it, hope it's a smooth transition.

* Still pretty moody.  The 3's have been harder than the 2's.

* We've finally seen some progress with the potty!

* Buggy continues to show many signs of independence.  She'll pick out her own clothes and dress
   herself.  Pretty much wants to do everything herself.

* She's still wearing size 3T and still weighs 28 pounds.  Her height is right at 36" and shoes size 6.5.


Mom said...

She is certainly growing up so quickly. One thing is she gets prettier every single month. I did not think it was possibe since she is already our beautiful Ladybug. Love this girl so much.

Texas Howdy said...

She is growing mentally as well as physical. Congrats on the potty training progress