Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Progress with the Potty!

During Bug's playdate with Abby on Sunday she watched her use the potty and so she wanted to go potty too.  Every single time...though I don't think she ever did tinkle in the potty.

Yesterday though, she went to the potty several times and told us when she needed wanted to go.  This morning, she used the potty at least 3 times before I went to work!

We lost count when we reached 6 tinkles and so I let that little ladybug pick out some panties to wear today!  I'm happy to report...no accidents!

Wow, I'm amazed and excited.  I'm also very hopeful that this continues!


Texas Howdy said...

pI am so happy for everyone. Pottying is so greatl
she will have accidents for a while, but she is still a big girl
'Tell her Mimi is so proud 0f her!!!

Mom said...

I knew she would use the potty when she was ready. Very proud of you Bug. Nanny will get you some more pretty panties!