Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy, Happy

The weather was soooo nice this morning, I probably should have given Ladybug a jacket to wear to school.  Then I remembered how hot natured she is and decided that she'd be just fine.  The shirt has a button in the back but she doesn't know that yet.  I snuck her into it without her noticing.  She's very anti-button when it comes to shirts.

Auntie Coco gave her this cute little shoes as happy!  They are happy shoes!  She jumped up and down when I told her she could wear them today.  I snapped a quick photo asking her to show me her shoes and then she demanded that I take one of the left shoe too!

Now we're off to school.  Enjoy your day!


Texas Howdy said...

LOVE the picture. It is so hard to see her getting prettier everyday when she was so pretty to start with and we didn't know she could get any prettier! Love that girl! Mimi

Mom said...

I agree with Mimi! Our girl is so beautiful and she had a sweet heart. We are so blessed. Cute outfit and shoes too.

Debbie Sauer said...

Love the shoes! What a precious little girl. I have loved watching her grow. Blessings