Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chair Picture!

At 3 years, 8 months:

* She's making up little songs and singing them....all the time.

* Her 3T jeans that I bought for her last fall still were too big this fall.  Coco was a rockstar and found some 3T skinny jeans with that adjustable waist and they fit her perfect.

* Ladybug knows exactly what she wants and demands it most of the time.  We continue to struggle with asking nicely.

* She still doesn't crawl out of bed on her own.

* She is obsessed about the sun "going down" and the moon "coming up" and whether it's dark or light outside.

* Ladybug has ridden a merry-go-round and a tractor ride at the pumpkin patch.  This is big progress for her as she has historically been very scared of rides.

* 29 pounds, 37 inches tall, and a size 7 shoe.


Mom said...

Buggy is such a cutie in her skinny jeans. Love this girl!

Texas Howdy said...

Love the pictures and LOVE, LOVE that girl. She is soooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!