Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

This was a fun, fun, fun Halloween.  Ladybug talked nonstop about going trick or treating all day.  When T got home, she knew it was finally time to get into her costume.  

We walked over to the school for their trunk or treat and then went to all the houses on our street.  So many neighbors remembered our cupcake and chef costumes from last year.  Ha, no one even recognized us this year as the Fresh Beat Band.  (minus Shout)

I loved watching her go up to the door and yelling "trick or treat" before the door was even opened!  She hovered at almost every door and had a little conversation with every neighbor too.  

When we got home, she was ready to sit outside and hand out our candy.  I believe that was just as much fun for her as going out and about!


Texas Howdy said...

Love all the pictures and miss seeing her. She is growing so much and so fast. It seems like yesterday when she wouldn't talk to anyone and now she is talking to lots of people! Love that girl, Mimi

Mom said...

Buggy radiates with happiness and personality. Special how you all dress up and make fun memories. Love all the pictures. Buggy is a beautiful little granddaughter.