Monday, January 28, 2013

Forever Family Celebration

We had our forever family "date" planned for tonight since I had to work all this past weekend.  Ladybug was not in the mood for a shirt with buttons, but T talked her into wearing it just for a few photos.  We enjoyed our annual dinner at PF Changs complete with chopsticks.  I have to say that Buggy does so good in restaurants, I'm very proud of her sweet manners.  She will order her drink and dinner all by herself too.  Tonight, she wanted dessert, so I told her she'd have to ask our waiter for it.  She would attempt to get his attention and then she'd say, "He didn't hear me."  He finally did hear her and they were on a first name basis by the time her chocolate dessert arrived!

We gave Ladybug another one of her little gifts that we brought back from China.  To remind you, while we were in China, we purchased 18 gifts so that we would be able to give her something every year on our Gotcha Day.  This year it was a wooden puzzle of China that even shows Hubei on it.

We are very blessed and forever thankful for this sweet girl.


Mom said...

Happy forever family celebration. Love the pictures and smiles on your faces. I am so thankful God blessed you and T with your precious Ladybug. She is truly an answer to prayer.

Nanou Mimosa said...

Happy 3rd Gotcha Day ! many kisses for Marissa