Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our Wednesday

I know we've been scarce since the new year, lots of stuff going on and haven't taken the time to sit at the computer.  I honestly think today is the first day I've even lugged my camera around to take some pictures.  She was in the mood, probably because it was a gorgeous, warm day outside, so we took lots of pictures and have some fun planned for Valentine's Day coming up.

We both had the flu last week, it managed to escape T because he had gotten a flu shot earlier in the winter.  (That's what he says.)  I've also not felt well the beginning of this year, same old ear issues with vertigo and now drop attacks.  So, lots of doctor visits last week after the flu and trying some new things to feel better.  I also wasn't allowed to drive for a whole week and now that I am driving, I still haven't driven with Ladybug in the car with me.  Hoping that changes soon.  I've been living with Meniere's Disease now for 2 years and I've mentioned before that I would blog about it...I will do that one of these days.

At this time three years ago we were in China waiting to see that pretty girl's face for the first time.  It's so hard to believe that it's been three years since Buggy joined our little family.  This sweet girl is growing up...and I hope that sweetness stays with her as she continues to grow.

More soon, I promise,


Texas Howdy said...

Love that picture and that girl. We enjoyed our visits with the three of you and wish we were closer. I thank God for blessing us with that little girl into our lives everyday. Love, Mimi

Mom said...

I pray you continue to feel better Deana. It is hard to believe its been three years since you and T. brought Ladybug home. God did bless us with a precious granddaughter. My heart is overjoyed with happines.