Wednesday, September 4, 2013

More Pool Fun

Ladybug asked me if we could go to the swimming pool and my response to her was that Daddy would be home on Friday.  She smartly responded, "We can just go by ourselves!" Hmmm, well we could.

I find myself not venturing too much with Buggy by myself for fear that I'll have a vertigo attack while out and about.  It would be difficult to deal with me AND her if that were to happen.  I suppose my solution is just to avoid those situations.  

But it's been a good week and I've actually been feeling pretty great so we DID go to the pool...and by ourselves.  We had a blast and stayed for almost two hours.  I couldn't help but take a few pictures.

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Anonymous said...

So glad you are feeling better this week and that you two had fun in the pool. Love you two girls. Mimi