Friday, August 30, 2013

First Dentist Visit

Ladybug went for her first trip to the dentist today.  I made the appointment only yesterday so we didn't really even have a lot of time to psych her up for it.  In spite of that, she actually did really well.  It helped that the assistant was super sweet, I could tell that she really liked kids.  Buggy was on her best, charming behavior too.  I forgot to mention that she charmed everyone in the waiting room on our way in too.  I know I'm her mom and all moms probably say this, but she is so sweet and brightens everyone's spirits that she comes into contact with.  Today was definitely no exception.

So, we actually received a pretty good report.  She needs to brush better (no surprise there) and they recommended a kids toothpaste that cost as much as a half a tank of gas.  Seriously?

Yes, I bought it.  They saw me coming.


Mom said...

Mommy is so right, ladybug brightens up a room and lifts everyone's spirit. She is such a joy. So proud she was so brave at her first dental appointment.

Texas Howdy said...

There is no way people are not charmed by our angel. It is really great that her first visit had a patient person with her and that there was not any problem