Monday, August 12, 2013

Great Week Ahead

I am sooo excited to be on vacation this week.  I have seriously not had a week off since January, so it's been long overdue.  Ladybug did go to school today, but only because I always pay the bill on Mondays so I'd have to go up there anyway.  We shall see if she makes it in the rest of the week or not as I have some fun things planned this week.

After I picked her up tonight, we ran a couple of errands.  The first was to drop off my photo entries at the fairgrounds for their photography contest at the North Texas State Fair.  I always enjoy going to see everyone's photos, so I decided to enter again this year after missing last year.  Buggy came inside with me and sang the Smurf song the entire time...I'm sure those ladies are going to be singing that happy little tune the rest of the evening!

We snapped this quick little photo with my phone on the way out, she's holding up her little happy meal Smurf and her little dog Izzie.  Her favorite friend seems to change on a daily basis, but she definitely always has a friend.

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Mom said...

So happy you have this week to enjoy your family and have some fun. I am excited to enjoy being with you a few days.