Sunday, August 25, 2013

At 4 1/2 Years Old

* Ladybug loves "school" and her teacher Mrs. Amber.  I love how they have a schedule and daily routine....she thrives on that.

* She has been at the pool swimming like a little fish.  Wearing a little speedo vest, of course, has made her very confident in the water.  She even went down the slide finally too!  We have been working on that very quite awhile and made many trips up the ladder, only to come back down the ladder.

* Buggy continues her love of singing and she's learning many new songs at school.  Sometimes the words are mixed up, but still super cute.

* She knows the days of the week!  I was concerned about how to teach them to a 4 yr old and my cousin Angie taught us a song to help her learn them.  Perfect!  Now that she knows them, I quiz her on   them all the time.

* The best part of the last few months has been the lack of temper tantrums.  She's been a little more easy going when she doesn't get her way and has been minding us better.

* We're still working on the "ask nicely" as she continues to demand things.

* Sharing is still hard, working on that too.

* Her favorite shows lately are Team Umizoomi and Dora.  Although we're trying to watch more Disney so she can learn those characters before our trip.

* She loves puzzle books and figuring out patterns and doing "work" for her fuzzy friends as if she's the teacher.

* She weighs 31 pounds, wears a 3T-4T, size 8 shoe, and 38.5" tall.

Happy 4.5 sweet girl!


Mom said...

Ladybug gets prettier in each chair picture. Love how her personality and sweet face lights up a room. It's hard to believe you are 4 and a half. Nanny loves you Ladybug.

Anonymous said...

Mimi is so proud of our little angel progressing so well, but alas she is growing up so fast! Not only is she so beautiful, I love the way she wants to learn new things. Of course her progress is also because of her great parents. Love you three.