Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cloud 9

On Blackberry messenger with my sister this morning:

Deana: I'm still on cloud 9!
Nikki: You can stay there!

I am going to stay there too! We received our package today and have a little more information about our Ladybug. At least what we can read and understand, most of it is in Chinese. She has been in the orphanage since birth and is described as a moderate sleeper that likes to suck her fingers. Awwww.

She likes music, toys, and will smile and laugh! Love that!

Quiet sometimes...and quiet is okay with me...sometimes.

I'm still kind of in awe and shock that this day finally happened. We spent most of last night calling friends and family. I think I talked to my mom about 4 times before the day was over. We also went out for dinner at our favorite chinese restaurant to celebrate.

Thank you all for your kind words and wishes both here and on Facebook. They have meant so much to both of us.


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